How To Download And Play GBA Games On Android

Hey guys today i am showing you how to download and play GBA games on your android device. It is really easy to do and it is really quick.

1. Install MyBoy from the google play store.

2.Go to Emuparadise and search for the game that you want.

3.After you searched for the game that you want scroll down and tap on show/hide

4.Tap on GBA roms and it will filter the search so…


  1. So I know I'm way behind discovering this video, and how to play games on android for that matter- anyway, your video is the only one that actually explains in a coherent manner what to do. I tried finding another video to download another ROM (because I had forgotten exactly what to do), and I ended up having to go back into my history and look through videos going back about 3 weeks just to find this one again. Anyway, thanks- super helpful! 🙂

  2. Great video but for the website try love roms it's quicker and safer I think lol

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