How To Connect USB Joystick/Gamepad To Android Device To Play Games

By Follow This Video You Can Connect Your USB joystick or Gamepad In Easy Steps And Play Games Via It.
You Must Need To Download USB Joy App For Redefine Your Controller Keys To Play Games Easily.
Download Link For USB Joy Centre App – MIrror:-
Predefined Keys For GTA Vice City – Mirror:-

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  1. sir XYAB or 1244 wale gamepad main kya difference hai??? or dono ki uses kya hai?? mere pass quantum1244 hai usse GTA or asphalt chalega kya?

  2. Hello bro.
    Please give me gta san andreas controller xml.
    Your gta3 xml is work excellent.
    Please make gta san andreas xml .

  3. Hey, so does anybody know how to install the gamepad? My Logitech F310 doesn't show up in the Language and Input settings but there is power in the controller (the analog light is on). I'm using a Samsung Galaxy J3 with Android 5.1.1

  4. nyc video but your home is very nyc but your phone is very nyc but you are a hero my favorite channel is your channel:) i subscribed your chanel thanxx dude.^_^

  5. I have a Quantum Controller but i connect it to my Android phone, The light doesn't glow….. Why…
    Its working on my Pc but not on Android phone

  6. can I play asphalt 8 in android with this remote.i also have Coolpad Note 3 Lite

  7. Thnx for your kind reply but i want to know how to configure ? Pls make a video for this or anything pls i need this .

  8. Bro i have same device and Enter Gamepad bt im not able to play san andreas fully

  9. hey naeem I just bought quantum joystick 7468 and my phone is not even detecting it. I mean LED is not glowing I don't know what to do should i return it……

  10. bhi shadow gun chal raha he but fire nahi kar raha to fire karneka button konsa he

  11. Bro. help me out..
    I have the same Classic Controller.
    Windows 10 64 Bit.
    Want it to work in my pc.
    But don't know how to ?
    i have the CD came with it.
    But still i don't know.
    Help Plz. 🙁

  12. Hey Bro.
    i have the same Classic Gamepad.
    But bro, having trouble in getting it worked with my PC.
    Mine is Windows 10 64 Bit.
    Any help from your side ?

  13. My joystick doesn't switch on once connected 🙁
    what can I do?

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