Here is how to block popup ads on android and not just android phones but all android devices and not just popup ads but all sorts of ads will be blocked on your android apps.

Popup ads or in app ads ruin the user experience and frustrate a user so in this video, you will exactly know how to block popup ads and also you will be able to remove all ads on android devices.

You wont require root access for this method to work.
So just follow along and you will be able get rid of the ads once…


  1. Hey guys, i installed it on my galaxy s10 but the weather app is still showing ads, any ideas ?

  2. Hi How install Android tv blocked Apps ?
    Plz help. I cant dowload any Apps, How to fixit.

  3. No work. I do exactly you do, but when i enter on messenger (after aplication run) it s very much ads..

  4. It wont let you save the link. When clicking on "save" it says "This link cannot be downloaded or doesn't contain any domains".


  5. For some reason my PIA VPN will not work with this ad blocker turned on???? Any idea why??? Thanks

  6. Hey bro, u never did the one for Showbox I tried that link on the first video but it said no host

  7. Husham you need to tell people this is only fantastic if you dont use a vpn! It does NOT work if you have a vpn because your vpn wont be able to connect to a proxy! I know ive just spent hours researching this, u.k streaming on apks etc is now illegal so you need the vpn for anonymity, so unfortunatly you do have to put up with advert bombardment.

  8. Hello, good job guys but youtube ads are still not blocked although i added the list you mention manually. Please advise!

  9. Doesnt work for youtube. Still get plenty of adds. Havent tested other apps.

  10. When I follow these instructions it makes it to where YouTube and Showbox no longer function while Blokada is on. How do I fix this?

  11. Mine is not working it'd says this link can not be downloaded or does not seen to contain host ??

  12. I am getting the error message "This link cannot be downloaded or does not seem to contain hosts" when I try to save the link.

  13. Great video and very detailed. Thank you once again for your videos. Keep the great work. Always support. George

  14. Blockada turns on a VPN when you fire it up, so does this mean I don't need my own (paid for) VPN any more?

  15. Hi SN..go to advanced options you will see settings to start on boot. Keep alive option cheers m8 🙂

  16. The question i want to ask is…do you have to turn this adblocker on everytime you start your android device…or is it still enabled?

  17. Please Full Tuturial

    This is working while I'm using VPN ❓

    For now I'm using KpnTunnel VPN mod no ads

  18. thank you much bro for this video. Man you made my day and night watching of apks much more satisfying and pleasurable.

  19. Sweet!!! You're the man.👍🏼👍🏾
    Super Hero Streaming Nerd to the rescue.😄😁 The ads are horrible every move you make, and I have never been interested in any of these ads.
    Thank you for your expertise!!!

  20. Its works on my phone question one game I know I receive receive ads on I tried it but I had to turn off first so I could log in on Facebook first then turn back on I tried adding fb to whitelist but still block log on screen so will I need to log on first then turn on blokada once logged in. Ty

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