Halo CEA Android | Campaign W.I.P 1 | Pillar of Autumn | Unity 3D

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another video. Here I show you the first W.I.P of the first mission “Pillar of Autumn”. I have been working quite alot on the mission parts and it has not been easy. There WILL be another release, but not just yet. I want to get AT LEAST the first mission working properly and completed. Things that are still a w.i.p:

– Energy Shield
– Health monitors
– A.I
– Main events of campaign
– Player features

Some of these have been done but are now being redone because…


  1. At last u got it ………. Keep it up 👍👌👌👌👌 and make it full version……!!!!! I'm waiting for u..

  2. I check your YouTube damn near everyday refreshing hoping there will be an update of somesort. Halo was the reason I got an xbox way back when and I'm itching to play this android port. I want this to be a reality so bad! So when you're running it and doing these tests, which phone do you use? I have a note 9 and I feel like that will suffice in running it but not positive..

  3. I know too many people have asked this question, but can you make it for ios too? Since more people use iOS than Android you should really do that to make Halo CEA mobile available for everyone!

  4. That is already cool. now you have just tu reshed the map and do the auther thing (AI,more gamma,ETC…). So thank you for your work!

  5. I have 4 questions plz don't take any offense I don't see why you would but it's 2019 so people get sensitive over small things
    1. How old are you and do you have a team or is it just you?
    2. Are the models made from scratch?
    3. When do you plan to release this?
    4. Do you have a patreon or any way to support you?

  6. I like it but the Anniversary Cinematics dont fit in the game with classic graphics

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