Getting Started with Remote Config on Android – Firecasts

Read the Firebase Remote Config on Android documentation here:

Learn how to configure your Android app on the fly with Firebase Remote Config. No need to publish a new version – just make changes at the Firebase console.

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  1. can you please help I need any tutorial about Firebase Remote config Api using c#
    is any one can help is any one can make tutorial about this please help

  2. Hello please heeeeeeeeeelp ca I control value of remote config by external rest clint like postman
    Pleaaaaaaaase help
    I really neeeeeeed Answer as soon as possible
    Thanks allot for any help

  3. could you please identify why this function is better than storing parameters in a database itself?
    e.g. I store parameters in a database and attach a listener to it. I can modify it at server side and affect all devices immediately.

  4. Is it only me or does the link in the description directly link back to the back where you came from?

  5. We miss the, 'Sing like no one is listening' message when we click publish. Please port it from Google Tag Manager. It is oddly satisfying.

  6. Amazing explanation, one of the best tutorial videos from Firebase Team – I hope more detailed videos like that to help learning more and more about this incredible service.

    Thank you.

  7. How is this different from using Firebase databse to store our config values and retrieving them before use? :/

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