Galaxy Note 9 running Samsung One Ui with Android 9.0 Pie – How I Customize my Phone

In this video, I will share how I customize my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 while it is running on Samsung One Ui with Android 9.0 Pie.

Most of the things I do are similar as with the Android 8.0 version, but the interface looks and feels different and there are some new and noteworthy features on the new Samsung One Ui with the Note 9.

Let’s dive in and explore.

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  1. So you tested the beta? Did you forget to tell them this shit looks like an iPhone and like my kids tablet I'm fucking blown away of wasting 1000 bucks for this shitty look bro

  2. Can you still make the edge lighting work with the Samsung Music app? The one ui seems to disable it, thanks.

  3. I do not like the new camera at all. Why do I have to switch to video, let it load the already opened app, and then press record when before I could JUST HIT RECORD?

  4. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus oneUI It's not showing my call history I call everyday take 10 to 20 calls it not showing only two or three

  5. Lol i got my Note 9 Pie update now! So happy lol (I am from Russia lol)

  6. Hi Saki. Can you get rid of the apps that shows under the "close all" button that reveal recent used apps?

  7. I just got update, the only I like is the dark theme, night mode. The design is bad for me

  8. Nice Saki. I don't see the option in HD, can you describe w/c widget (1×1?) and name you used, to have the Time, Date, and 3 widgets below (ie. Battery, Weather and Next alarm)? Is this the Pro version? TIA

  9. The always on desplay not work even if i enble it do u know how to solve this problem

  10. Very Bad –
    ▪︎No List View
    ▪︎No Down Arrow for Volume rocker
    (Wish when we lower Ringer Volume, even the MEDIA volume gets Mute )
    ▪︎Hate the part when click on Menu it scrolls to previous App
    ▪︎HATE IT that we have to change Tab to Record Video's 👎
    Good –
    ▪︎Click to on Always on Display
    ▪︎Lift to wake

  11. How do I add a picture to a phone number on the one ui? I didn't understand how to do it…

  12. I still didnt receive the one ui update but i did receive the December security patch update , why this happen??? I am a s9 plus…

  13. They just had to ruin a good thing.

    This new UI lags when transitioning between tabs, and from any action to another.

    Plus it looks like it's been inspired by a bag of skittles.

    Why…? The old one was so classy…. Just, why?

  14. The Update that my Note9 got this morning on January 16, updated to version 8.1, NOT to Pie. Also, the UNICODE 11 emojis haven't appeared yet, either. I have AT&T, and I live in the US. What I read online is that only BETA's will get the Pie Update today. If anyone knows something different, please comment below. Thanks, Sakitech!

  15. When can i get the update in Norway. They said European countries will get it on 15 Jan and now its 16 Jan and I still didnt get it.

  16. Has anyone done a trade-in promotion through the Samsung website? I'm interested since they have a promo 50% off Note 9 for the trade-in of iPhone 7.

    $499 right now can't beat it but I'm worried they'll find any excuse to reject my trade in. No water or physical damage so I'm not worried about that on my end. Looking for opinions from those who did it and outcome?

  17. Multi windows geasture option is unavailable in my new update it was working before update but now in setting option is mot available why?

  18. I don't think it's real… I was told it was coming on the galaxy Note 9 on January 15th.. but I have not seen anything yet….

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