Fortnite is coming to both android and ios… soon!

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  1. Fortnite is free but only for iOS and its invite only and either the devs invite you or your friends invite you i have 3 invite codes so i can hook you up

  2. I heard from a friend (most likely untrue) that PC and Xbox would be cross platform. Normally I love this idea (FFXI anyone?) but when it comes to shooters (even with aim assist on console) I would never want to play on my Xbone a shooter game against a PC player. If they did this and didn't give an option to opt out of the PC/Xbone pool, I would stop playing Fortnite for good (my friends who all play all agreed with me). If they kept a separate pool to still allow Xbone players to only play against Xbone players, that would be great. Also pretty epic victory.

  3. This isn’t about xbox live or minecraft. Sony denied crossplay on rocket league also. Sony is against crossplay with Xbox or switch. You know “because of safety”

  4. I’m so ready! My friends love fortnite but I don’t have a console so I can play with them!

  5. Its good I have a required device to play this…but I'd rather have this on Switch with better controls and graphics

  6. How come Sony allows cross play with Fortnite but no Minecraft. I thought it was all about the children

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