[Event] B4 to B1 clear in under 15 minutes

I have mastered the ways of the android

TMS video:


  1. here's me tryna revise 4 my biology exam tomorrow and types in topics b1 to b4 and this shit comes up

  2. OMG you are the real life Kirito, your reaction speed was fast!

  3. Zero, you could throw the android in b4 when you were going to lazer, that you didn't have to wait the teleporter.

  4. Hey Zero, what level and range do I need to solo hardlux as a Kaiser? I started playing last Friday and am at level 162. Any advice?

  5. I have to admit, the first time was really hard, took me a good 5+ hours. But after doing the jq many times, it got easier the more you got used to it xD

  6. I can not do the B1 when I return and the smoke kills me: / I want to help me pe T_T

  7. Yeah no, i wanna see you doing reah's hahahaah "casual" hahahahaha NEXO knows that most of the players hate jumpquests

  8. as a demon slayer.. i can't even whack those guys. it thinks its a skill which is not allowed D:

  9. Good job, but the Aster version of the map is the easiest, the other wonderoids have a harder version. Just got my Roxxy today, took me around 3 hours

  10. There's a lot of things you can improve on for the run but solid overall. Better routing is a good one.

  11. At 2:13 You can just throw the on the conveyor belt. It doesn't care about the second killing of the droids for some reason, That way you can skip waiting for the tp cooldown.

  12. im challenging you to save roxxy or rhae… those from what ive understand are the hardest. i dare you to do that

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