EMUI 10 Beta (Android Q) on the Huawei P30 Pro: First Look

Last month at Google I/O, Android Q beta 3 was announced. Huawei was one of several partners that launched an Android Q beta, but it was only for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it was still EMUI 9. Now, FunkyHuawei got us early access to a pre-release EMUI 10 beta for the Huawei P30 Pro. It won’t be awhile until Huawei officially releases it, but here’s our early hands-on anyway.

XDA Portal Article:…


  1. I wish theyd put a timer/alarm for batt charging. Alarm after 15 mins of charging or say alarm when batt is XX% charged.

  2. With the playstore swipe gesture, you gotta swipe from the middle left of the screen. Takes a little getting used to

  3. EMUI icos are soooo ugly… The UI is ugly too. It's hurt my eyes.. Stock android is wayyyy better and beautiful…

  4. Lol the gesture navigation works 10x better on the iPhone than any android phones out there

  5. Stop missleading people and say manufacturer apps are blotware… The only blotware here is Google apps…
    Its like a cancer that cant be remove without surgery….
    Also If you dont like manufacturer apps then let me tell you that there are a lot a lot alot of people who like it more than doodle cancer …
    So stop this nonesense and missleading

  6. I'd so get a Huawei if it was originally this smooth and you know… didnt have issues with the government

  7. 7:20
    i have Huawei P Smart 2018 on EMUI 8,
    i can uninstall compass, fm radio, download manager, game assistant and a bunch of other apps (i don't recommend doing so because you cannot install it again, unless you factory reset)
    i have not been able to do this on other Huawei devices, just on P Smart…

  8. Can you or anyone confirm that the dark mode turns the notifications in the notification bar black as well?

  9. Is so anoying when look landscape can't replay chat because toggle icon & bar too big

  10. 3:58
    Hold the edge of the screen and then swipe Right.. in EMUI👉👉 we don't need to Tap on 3 line or whatever it's called..👍

  11. Hi,
    I have an doubt that can we add the feature like "mobile will ask for finger scan for making power off mobile" with software modification. Will you please tell that.🤗🤗

  12. In emui I keep my finger pressing the side of the screen and then i swipe from left to right to open the lateral menu.

  13. They can't release any beta of android coz huawei is banned to do business with Google (Android)

  14. It didn't switch because its so close that it cant focus there so it stays on the main camera. It's always gonna switch past 10x zoom no matter how dark or close the subject is

  15. Me still using Android 6.0
    And i can dismiss the notification by swiping left or right

  16. Huawei make fantastic phones but I never liked the look of emui. had a p10 plus and installing 3rd party launchers were always glitchy to get running fully. Wish custom roms were made for these phones.

  17. 2:43 I can actually swipe both ways to dismiss notifications on EMUI 8.2 based on Oreo
    4:38 A gentle soft wipe will trigger the left panel, a fast wipe is back. At least that's what I have on EMUI 8.2

  18. I don't know why EVERYONE is SAYING THAT IT'S EMUI 10. A lot of phones get Android updates without changing their current versions of UI. A lot of phones also get new UI without changing android number. There are so few changes in overall look and design comparing with emui 9.1 so I really don't understand why you keep telling that it's emui 10. Even the phone itself tells you "dummies, I'm running 9.1 not a 10"

  19. This guy doesn't know how to use gesture on emui… The play store side swipe, it works exactly like on the pixel. You swipe from the corner of the display, it's a back see. Swipe from a mm from the display corner, it'll pull the menu.

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