Easy BMW coding with BimmerCode – unlock your car's hidden features!

Apple Adapters:
Kiwi 3:
Veepak (the one I have):

Android Adapters:

List of supported cars:

My YouTube Camera Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links):

Sony A7iii:
New Wireless Microphone:
Rode Microphone:
Camera Rig:…


  1. Does the bimmercode app work with OBD link LX the green module sold on Amazon?

  2. Can this be used to have apple car play in full-screen mode or make Sport the default mode when starting the car. I honestly did not buy this car to be driving in efficient mode; I get annoyed every time I start the car in efficient mode.

  3. one question .. can i use bimmercode to check dpf status and engage regeneration ? thank you

  4. Are you still using this? how has it been working for you? im thinking of this or Carly, but ive seen your vid on the two and read about it. im leaning to Bimmercode. can you clear check engine lights etc?

  5. I was able to unlock the “suck me off feature!!” In my car!! I Bust like 10 nuts a day now!!! Thanks a lot man “thumbs up”

  6. Hi. Very useful video. I have just started doing some of the basic codings. I am about to retrofit power fold mirrors. Can this app do the coding for that? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Mr Tommy L,
    Hi have a 2014 BMW 520d when lock the car my side windows doesn't fold automatically, also i never hear any alarm noise since I by this car. 
    What should i do?
    Please My email mohzaz24@hotmail.com

  8. Cool video, informative and to the point. Subscribed! I’m thinking of coding my M Perf F80 with a special focus on all the light options. The amber side markers when you turn on the position lights drive me nuts! Check out my 1 year review if you’ve got the time. Would love to hear your feedback and see if you share the same thoughts – https://youtu.be/SVXt7qgjGcU

  9. I will add cruise control to my f20. I must add 544 code in expert mode but really cannot find in which folder. Can you help please ?

  10. When you undo the coding by using the backups, does the bimmercode undo the specific coding change or all the changes that have been made after and including the date of your choice? Thanks

  11. Hey, I have a video request. A wireless phone charger for the F-series cause some time the USB port act crazy when you try to charge you phone.

  12. Just ordered it. Much easier than using my laptop😄. Quick question….do you know if the unlock feature marries the "buy" to your ECU/VIN or can I use this to code my friend's M2 as well? I know the OBD 2 can be reused on his car but what about the app? Will he need to buy that separately for coding his car? Thanks.

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