Developing Applications For Android Wear (Big Android BBQ 2015)

Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for Android Wear, will give a technical deep dive on writing applications for Android Wear. We will discuss the overall architecture of Android Wear applications, and how it compares to developing for existing Android devices. The features of Google Play Services that are used to support efficient communication between devices will be explained, which is important when developing apps for a power and resource constrained platform. The talk will also cover…


  1. Hey Wayne, Wearable Support Lib has a bug, which is already fixed in the Android Support Lib. It is related to Vector Drawable Rendering. So as I tried to extend the WearableActivity the images were not rendered right on the watch… But extending AppCompatActivity, as I am using on the phone, all was displayed, as desired. But I am loosing the Always-On-Feature, and Ambient Mode, doing it. (((( If you could talk to phone guys, adapting the support libs for the watch, as it is already done for the phone lib? Thx in advance! Please, also take a look to the issue # 215262

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