Customize Your Android Setup – December 2016

Parallel Spaces:

Find out how you can submit your setup:


≧◉◡◉≦ ▏ Apps Required ▏≧◔◡◔≦

▶ Zooper Widget Pro ($2.99, Yes you will need the Pro…


  1. Why is thumbnail different from last setup?
    How do you set that background (soft white) behind icon set, App drawer indicator and navbar buttons?
    If you use Nova Launcher, how do you set drawer indicator below icons?

  2. It's a shame Zooper Widget Pro is so abandoned… such a great app now with TONS of bugs, shit performance and the same features since it came out.

  3. pleass make a video on how to get navigation bar on rooted device and on notrooted device

  4. Zooper was last updated in March 11,2015. it's deprecated now…kindly show us KWGT setups too because it is actively developed.

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