Customize or Remove Direct Share Targets in Android Marshmallow [How-To]

How to Slim Down the Share Menu in Android 6.0 [Xposed]
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to use an Xposed module called “CustomShare” to get rid of the “Direct Share” targets in Android 6.0’s share menu.

Direct Share is a feature that allows apps to include specific targets in Android Marshmallow’s share menu–for instance, a messaging app can let you share a file directly to a contact instead of…


  1. How do you remove the people who default in your Share via? I dont need this app that you demonstrate. I just need to get rid of people I've ever talked to in an app. It wont allow me to delete them.

  2. Awesome. This might be just what I needed.
    40 fewer sharing options. 😉

  3. This is the only video I've ever watched where I was lost within the first minute. All I want to do is stop this message that pops up at the bottom inch of my screen from appearing. It shows a picture of the screenshot I took and it says edit or share and it happens a couple billion times per day and I am not able to finish doing what I'm trying to do witches retrieve my contacts from Samsung account so I'm trying to do screenshot always 100% a time I'm doing screenshots to try to fix my phone or retrieve my contacts from my note for that T-Mobile successfully rendered completely unusable because now it won't even turn on things to their wonderful troubleshooting so now an $1800 phone that I bought two years ago is now complete garbage because it won't get past the T-Mobile screen so I can't get into that phone to get my contacts onto another device or onto my hard drive. So again all I want to do is stop a program or whatever it is I have no idea what the program is that keeps showing and picture of the screenshot and I'm not able to get it off until I close the phone down and start over again. I took the Camera program off and it still happening the only programs I can't have on there are back up to Sim card and another back up program there are no other installed programs on my phone.

  4. I want this share menu gone altogether. I would rather not accidentally share something possibly revealing with the internet.

  5. The fact that phone must be ROOTED isn't mentioned until 1/3 way through. Disliked.

  6. Well this feature is bullshit to me. It only suggests WhatsApp friends even though I share most stuff with people on hangouts.

  7. Awesome video 🙂
    Please do a video of "must have applications, for rooted Android phones" 🙂

  8. In the title write its a ROOT thing my goodness. Gets on my nerves to find out 1/4 of the way in the video this is useless for me.

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