Android Pie 9.0 Officially Launched Google’s next version of Android is officially called Android 9 Pie and it’s rolling out to Pixel phones now. Android Pie was announced earlier this year and includes lots of new features. Some of the biggest ones include a focus on curbing smartphone addiction, whileRead More →

#DURecorder #GeometryDash #live Donation link (Your choice to donate): ~Playing on GD 2.2 GDPS Download Link (Android only): 2.2 GDPS Discord: Join the discord: Add me on discord: SavageXL#9168 Follow me on IG: @savagexl_yt/@gdsavagexl_the_artist Follow me on Twitch: GDSavageXL Follow me on Twitter: @SavageXL_YT Rules: 1. Don’t spam,…Read More →