Cable Service Hack – Filter Bypass – For Education Only

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If you only pay for internet service. Your provider has put a filter on your connection to block out the cable television channels. If you remove the filter you will get all of the basic cable channels.


  1. That's an attenuator for the modem. It shouldn't be blocking any channels. PS on a small system (which I'm assuming your in) they'll notice the modem levels getting jacked and put another filter on the pole.

  2. Nice when the cable company catches him & he lands up in prison for stealing service. Heโ€™ll have to fight for the remote with Bubba the cell mate to watch free cable tv ! Unbelievably stupid putting his mug shot in the video for easy ID by the police.

  3. The trick is to "rebuild" the filter so it doesnt filter – make it basically a jumper cable. Then when they audit they see the filter and move on.

  4. Back in the 90s we had two fat long filters one with a yellow stripe and another with a black stripe. The yellow blocked cinimax and black blocked HBO,they hardly fit in the box and we found out if you sneak out late at nite when the ground was moist or damp and you were bare fiot you could get a little zap….but I always wondered how the filter worked. When I was 10yrs old I found enough partsvti hook the filters up backwards but didn't notice any positive results…we had to be sneaky as our father was not for that crap and our neighbors were always calling cops on the whole neighborhood

  5. I pay $72 per month just internet. Couldn't they throw a few channels in the line for that price? Ratbastards

  6. They try to block you at the pole lmoa climb that bitch and reconnect it. Free cable for life.

  7. And if you have a digital capable big screen add the hack to open them up. Can be found on you tube. Works for most newer name brand sets and add a shit load more channels. Yupp

  8. I used to do something similar with my local (extremely lazy and small) cable operator where I used to live. They didn't have their signal encrypted and their tech didn't put a filter in or anything (he even put a splitter on the connection for us and everything so all we had to do was hook up some coax cable to the jacks that we had in every room). Thing is, under the law in most states it's technically legal to hook up cable without paying the cable provider for it if the signals are not scrambled. What is illegal is circumventing encryption or any other means of signal scrambling. So even if the cable provider just happened to see this comment and somehow knew who I was, they couldn't do anything about it.

    And if you're wondering if I feel bad about stealing cable from them, the answer is "hell no". My local cable company at the time were just greedy bastards that bought out the system from Bresnan (which was much better IMO, at least they didn't increase the price by at least $15 every 2 months and their customer service wasn't complete trash) and used their newfound monopoly over all communications services in the area except cell phones to make $150+ off of every customer who wanted any of the TV channels that anybody would care about with internet service that was barely usable for watching YouTube videos, much less streaming things off of Netflix or playing games online. So as you can tell, I was in fact pretty damned happy to put a little dent in their wallets.

  9. lmao thats what they call a "filter" it blocks out interference from other customers it doesn't give you channels

  10. People that get local channels on cable or dish, should get a channel master outdoor antenna CM 4228HD and CM 5020 you get the local channels with HD signal better than dish or cable!

  11. You got nothing better to do with your self get a life dude with this bullshit.

  12. 2 comments.
    1. that "filter" could be one of a few different traps that are in fact there to HELP your service, not block you.

    That brings me to point #
    2. With almost every carrier now days just diverting signal does nothing; seeing as digital cable now days is decrypted for your hardware to use the signal alone.

  13. This only works on small cable companies who use analog cable and/or unencrypted digital cable (clearQAM) and will not work with Comcast, Charter, Time Warner (at least in TWC Maxx), etc. because they have encrypted (scrambled) all channels including locals.

  14. THANK YOU – – -the act was rebellion against an intrinsically corrupt & soul eating mega-corporation. It was because of the attitude you had while doing it… yes.. we are all bastards, as you so eloquently made a point of. Your irreverence is what we love about you. ANARCHY!

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