Cabal Mobile – Closed Beta Gameplay – Blader lvl 1~53 – Android on PC – Mobile – F2P – KR

Here is the classic Cabal Online adaptation for mobile, you can play the Closed Beta during all the weekend. The actual lvl limit for this beta is 99.
There are some events ongoing, the server may close at any time for inspection or emergency maintenance, so make sure to check their website for more info.
The game has IP-Block so you will need VPN to play outside Korea.

CBT duration: March 13th 14:00 ~ 17th 22:00h (KR Time)


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  1. I stuck at lvl20 quest . I kill all mobs and boss but the quest not progres .

  2. Butuh memory berapa ya kalo game android udah bisa sepenuhnya game PC masuk ke android???

  3. Maaaan this is nostalgic. Just give 15 or so years for your favorite PC mmo to get a mobile port lmao.

  4. what the fuck! i miss this game so much….the theme song,, the level up music, the skill sounds,taking quest sound,battle mode sounds dungeon music,,, all of it…i'm from philippines..i cant wait to release this in ph server or any server…maybe you can release this…thismarch…i download it this kr server i dont know how to start i dont know what to click it…i simple follow the pc type but it didnt work i will wait then…

  5. there is auto attack? weeeetteww that's for lazy person only. i hope in english version no auto attack.

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