Building a Custom Camera on Android

This is an introduction to my newest course: “Android Custom Camera.”

In the course I walk you through everything you need to know about Android’s “Camera2” API.

1) Full-Screen Previews

2) Capture Photos

3) Draw on Photos

4) Add Stickers

5) Save Photos

And probably the most important concept: dealing with different screen sizes and aspect ratios.


➤Source Code:


  1. when i use ur source Code it work but i cant move the emojis or draw anything and then the color of the camera changes to negative colors any help ?

  2. Good work Mitch but I can't find the course on your website but could only access the source code. Thanks

  3. Bro i made an app in that app i used your camera app course features, but , i am facing some serious issues in your course ,, actually when image is captured, it made a focused circular image , what will be the cause? i want the regular one , without focused and same the user captured

  4. Sir can you make a tutorial for computer vision face detection and tracking ?
    It will be very much appreciated, where a user can add 2d or 3d glasses ,hats to thier faces.

  5. Failed to allocate a 14745612 byte allocation with 14266592 free bytes and 13MB until OOM
    how to solved this issuse???

  6. Have you this course on Udemy? I'm from Brazil and it's kids hard to buy it without an International credit card.

  7. hey Mitch can you make a tutorial for camera to capture document and alignment function..

  8. I would pay the 30$ (really) but we don't deal with electronic payment in my country, that's too bad. Great idea !

  9. Hi, I made an app in android studio. When I run on real device from pc, it installs apk & run well with splash screen. But when I run it again from the real device icon, it doesn't show the splash screen but displays white screen. Why? Please help. Thanks.

  10. you tell in your one video (I think Instagram clone playlist) that sometimes your error vanished with error left is failed to get log
    So I have the same problem and I got the solution If you change Your buffer category from selected Application to no filter than this problem is solved.

  11. How to add YouTube videos in card view using firebase make tutorial on it

  12. Hi Mitch. I have a small problem with Android Studio. When i want to compile a project, i get error "error: cannot find symbol class SectionPagerAdapter" , but if i compile again, everything is work. What is this? Also this error can be for another class (SectionStatePagerAdapter)

  13. Is there using video camera involve with this also or just camera?

  14. Sir I need to purchase this course. So I just registered. In that it is saying Credit Card Paypal so whether it will accept credit card or else it will accept only from PayPal. Also please tell me how much it will cost for me as I am from India. Please tell me in rupees it showing in $30 CAD. PLEASE

  15. I Have started with camera 2 api and i can say that it is really hard to start with it. somehow i managed to click the picture but in some device camera preview is really very dark. In your course i didn't see any lecture which solve this problem. Please let me know that if you can solve this problem at some point of time ,then i can buy your course. Please tell me soon it's very urgent.
    I had applied builder.set(CaptureRequest.CONTROL_AE_EXPOSURE_COMPENSATION, 12);
    builder.set(CaptureRequest.COLOR_CORRECTION_GAINS, new RggbChannelVector(86, 86, 86, 86));
    but those are not working.

    Please help me thank you.

  16. Hi mitch these is awesome but do you tutorial on the chat app if yes please give the link

  17. Sir Can you please make video on How to use multiple Gradle files in Android App

    There are some project I downloaded from the Internet
    and it has two or more Gradle files

    My Question is Why there is a need to use two or more gradle file in Android Project

    So Please Sir make Video on this topic If you have some time

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