Best & Upcoming Nintendo Games on Android & iOS

Join us as we go through all Nintendo games on Android and iOS ranking from the worst to best as well as the new upcoming Nintendo mobile games such as the new Pokemon RPG, Animal Crossing or Zelda on Android and iOS.

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IGN’s Zelda on mobile…


  1. if the zelda one is gonna be true im gonna loose my shit

  2. Well 2018 is coming to an end and animal crossing was a sad over monotisted watered down disappointment but we recently got a new game dranonia lost a prime example of how hard work f2p elements and great soundtrack/visuals can create a great overall experence on a mobile rpg who knows maybe the charthers will become icons and end up in somthing like smash 2020 but with pokemon quest having also came out recently it scares me to think how there super mario kark tour might fall under the trend of popular lisened nintendo icons=more monitising and less content and zelda has been unheard of for quite some time sadly

  3. I really hope that there’s a Zelda iOS game. But I’m more interested in…

    COMING MARCH 2019!!

  4. Its really sad that nintendo is shutting down miitomo cues many people didnt like it, its ending on may 🙁

  5. If Nintendo made their version of COC, I'd either like it to be Pikmin or Splatoon. Pikmin because of the method of troop generation basically being right there, but Splatoon would also be a good fit because, like COC, Splatoon is about controlling territory

  6. Is that even legal to put non existing games out its like flying cars don't exist number 2 on best inventions ohohoho

  7. I was super excited for Super Mario run but ended up being really disappointed 🙁 Hope that doesn't happen with Animal Crossing and Zelda!

  8. I am a pokemon, and hey stop catching and abusing us already. Dialing Animal Cruelty number

  9. I love this games, thank u pro👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Did you reupload this video because all of these game already released

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