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BEST Android TV Box 2019 – FINALLY SOMETHING NEW! This video is my official unboxing and review of the Beelink GT – King Android TV box! Is this the best / top android tv box 2019? With its new hardware specs, including the new Amlogic s922x how does this box perform for Kodi, 4k streaming, Netflix (SD Only), gaming…


  1. I saw a video where there was problem with netflix.. only 480p nosound and amazon only 480p

  2. would be great if you where to stream some content from plex and emby,

    like try play different file formats and see if it transcodes or direct plays that kind of stuff would be incredibly useful.

    also how it handles H265/AC3/AAC/MP4/h264/dts/ that kinda stuff.

  3. hi, I have a VU Android 4K UHD 55inch TV, but its not playing some audio files such as DTS. What should I Do? Is this Android TV box helpful in playing 4K Atoms 7.1 and DTS files from USB drive, or is there any other devices to connect to play the same ?

  4. expendable….. not expendible…. there's 6 keys till you get – i – from – a –

  5. boring~~ pretty sure this dude got sponsored from this brand to promote this video

  6. I would like it to be able to record live TV. For 1 reason, itv have 8 hours of racing and I can't site there and watch it all and you can't download the entire thing and fast forward the bits you don't want to watch. Do you know of an android box that has a live TV recorder?

  7. dont need this crap my intel nuc will do all that 10x faster…and have my own ps4 and xbox one consoles !

  8. Hi ASBYT! By any chance, if you plug it to a touch screen, do you know if the touch function is enabled?

  9. no different than building your own pie if you know what your doing just add a good sized hd and whalaa

  10. The number one problem about these Android Chinese boxes they may update once and that's it after that they concentrate more on putting good specs so customers will purchase them but nothing else.

  11. i would love to win your prize.i want to give it to my father for his b-day in 2 mons.

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