Best Android Launchers (2019)

We review our favourite Android launchers that you can download for free from the Google Play Store in 2019. Some of these launchers do carry a ‘premium’ or ‘pro’ version which can be unlocked for a one-off charge, but don’t worry – we’ll point these out.

Some of the best Android overlays have been around for years now, including the excellent Nova Prime – while others are fresh and new.

Our full list of the greatest launchers for 2019 includes:

ADW Launcher 2 – choose from one of the…


  1. I was using nova prime from last 2 years. But just switched to poco launcher.
    Very smooth launcher.
    Nice blackout interface.
    Nd the best feature is the hide apps with fingerprint.

  2. Thanks to your video , you actually solved big problem for me

    , I recently bought pixel 2 XL which in 2019 half price of pixel 3 XL, iam very happy with the phone but recent update to android 9 ruined the fingerprint scanner and become hit and miss , I was keen to try your ADW launcher 2 just for information and I was happily shocked to see that the launcher solved the above problem , really happy.

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