Best Android Apps and Games – August 2016 (With the Axon 7)

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  1. Ow, another video about topX apps of Y advicing Hexlock cancer. How much do they pay you, guys?

  2. How did you feel when you reached level 10 of snakebird?
    Did you pay for the other levels?

  3. Are there any apps that lets you change the color and background in messaging?

  4. does an android device brick once it's rooted or after you flash a rom after you root it?? 😃😃

  5. Pie dude…Pie.. I do you even say that wrong. Must have been deliberate.

  6. HI, your reviews are very helpful to choose me a useful app. Really thankful to you

  7. How can you have the name how to men, and support kiddie wallpapers? Seriously, you should change your name to "how to little girl"…

  8. Can i use FlyTube to hear musik with locked display? And if yes, also Playlists?

  9. Pi Wallpaper…. Pi is pronounced as pie… this is the symbol (π)…. Nice Video 🙂

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