BBM for Android and iOS Review

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Some of you might be surprised to know that BlackBerry’s BBM client has a whopping 60 million users as of a few months ago. Obviously, that’s not as mind-numbingly impressive as, say, Whatsapp’s 200 million, but it’s still a formidable number, especially when …


  1. I said "I'm not going to go through them again"… Read the countless comments on YouTube or just look up some articles with this topic, you'll find all the explanations you need there. I don't want to write 5 long comments detailing my opinion. I thought it was good, when it came out. Now, there's thousands of new other ways to communicate *free* online, and BBM is really behind in all of these. They're bringing a knife to a gunfight. The new kids on the block already have all the good weapons!

  2. Yes, I do, and with good reasons that you can deduce if you carefully read my comments, I'm not going to go through them again…

    And it's not only me. Look all over the internet. The top comment on here is about Whatsapp being better. The comment I replied to said the same, had 20 likes. I had 4… :(.

    It's just like I said, BBM was very unique back in it's day, a decade ago, when it was the only service of it's kind. Now it's good only for nostalgia trips, because there are better ones!

  3. Crazy accents
    Btw all the whiny bimbos cursing it have no idea about privacy
    Laziness to go for sharing the id to add. Controlling who you speak to

    Completely against the principle of attention hoes who want the whole world to know that they exist and they had a lukewarm latte in the bus stand Starbucks

  4. Yeah, you might be right, but that amount of download is pretty impressive for an app that was 24hrs old at the time. Only time will tell if BBM will last. i am liking how i can control who are in contact list though, as oppose to those other thousands of free services.

  5. Those ten million that are either too old for their own good, and they used to have BBs back in the day when BBM was the ONLY free service, and they don't know any other so they use this… OR a bunch of new internet recruits that haven't heard of Skype or Whatsapp or ANY OTHER of the thousands of free services, and jumped on the train because of all this fake "hype", due to massive marketing from BB's side.

    10 million… compare that to the one BILLION people that use other services…

  6. I dunno what people's problem is with BBM that they constantly have to troll it but I agree with you…it is better than Whatsapp IMO.

  7. Almost excited. Until I realized all my former BB friends have already flocked to ios or android devices.

  8. shit on the screen too big, but it's just like every other shit out there, but some people like it and a comfortable with it. It offers another option i suppose.

  9. Yeah, Whatsapp, or Skype, or Yahoo Messenger, or any other of the MILLION free communication apps that are on the internet right now…

    BBM was something extremely cool and unique, like…10 years ago, when Blackberry was making the very first smartphones and there was not a service like it anywhere.

    Now there's literally hundreds of free text or voice communication apps, I dunno what Blackberry was thinking of this, it's really, REALLY late, they've already missed the train…

  10. The only reason I'm using bbm for android is to connect with my friends who are still not giving up on their blackberry devices. I still prefer WeChat and whatsapp though, not to mention fb chat as most if not all are using it

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