Battery Saving Secrets for Android : HTC One M9 (Tips/tricks)

HTC One M9 has a 2840mAh battery, this video explains how to save battery life on the HTC M9. These battery saving tips also works for the HTC One M8.
Battery saving mode for HTC One M9

Unboxing of HTC One M9

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Quick Charge 2.0…


  1. Bit mad really I have a HTC one m7 why do you make such good mobiles with 2 hour battery life doesent add up really

  2. You don't show how to toggle Developer mode OFF if I wanted to
    Luckily for me I was cautious and didnt go there with the 7taps But if you respond here answering this then maybe Ill try it
    I liked your video anyway

  3. After 5 videos I couldnt digest and memorize any longer I ended up download all those weird battery apps separately 1. battery saver
    2. device cooler
    3. battery life repair
    4. memory booster (as usual)
    yeah it looked pretty cheap with too much on but as long as they get my phone done.

  4. good review
    which one is better based on performance,heat and gaming(HTC X9 – HTC M9)?….answer plzzz
    i think snapdaragon 810 is the best but overheat problem! and it make the battery weak

  5. You guys know with the HTC M9 it Don t Have its own Emotion Icons ?! U have to get them from Google Play !!

  6. yo man, nice video. hehe, wanna ask about your views on external battery packs. Is it gonna doing any harm on our smartphone battery? is it safe? Well, because mainly its charge from battery-to-battery right? unlike from normal charger? im using htc one m8 and i've been like, taking care of the battery so much because there are not much support in my state if my phone broke or need repair something like. can you give your 2cents about this? also, is it recommended to use the external battery pack?

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