Avalon Legends Android iOS Gameplay (Online RPG)

Avalon Legends is a free-to-play mobile online action RPG with tap/gesture controls, anime graphics, a persistent town, pet system, and many stages including co-op party dungeons by Kick9.

A fantastic 3D graphics emerging you in this 360 degree world!
Control your player with easy gestures, taps and swipes!
Choose your adventure with an in-depth storyline containing multiple paths!
Face rigorous challenges in over 100 unique dungeons!
Play as 5 different characters each with 9 ultimate…


  1. Hey guys. I never played Dragon Nest before so I had no idea this game took resources from DN. I would not have made the video if I knew about this. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. agh! another game with reused resources.
    can't stand this game. they even used the DN sounds for hounds =.=" probably the walking sound too from Dragon nest

  3. I tend to cringe so hard whenever i see games using stolen resources, but since you made the video, i'll try to endure it.

  4. Here's a new online action RPG that reminds me of Phantom Breakers. Has tap/gesture controls, persistent town with quests, co-op party mode, and a pet system. The pet system is a big feature with many pets to collect which I did not show in the video.. Pretty good graphics and decent gameplay so far. Combat may feel a little simple though.

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