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Start on Android by Google helps developers get their apps and games ready to launch on Google Play. Developers get to test, iterate, and optimize their creations, get hands on support, inclusion in Early Access, technical support, and other perks.

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  1. Please, update the content of Udacity's "Android Development with kotlin" course. It's been months stalled.

  2. Would love to have access to "Start on Android", I thing the correct reviews by real testers is one of the most needed thing a developer would need to modify and enhance features of app.

  3. After this message?

    REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).

    Google Play Publisher suspensions are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services.

    What is the solution to continue on Google console?

  4. Hey team, how to you get to be a play android yesterday then? Sign up somewhere?

  5. Loll what if you already have an app with 20 000 download and 3 000 actives users and you wanna make more income with admod?

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