AndroidTV – Fast and simple install any app on Sony AndroidTV

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  1. es file explorer had been removed from Google Play Store for Android TV, I found another working solution (available in Google Play TV store), just search "mi box apk installer for android tv" it's very simple to use.

  2. Why don't u use browser on tv to download the file then go into downloaded file and install it. don't even need any other andriod device.

  3. Guys no need such stuff to do .Just download the apk and insert into pendrive .Do the following :
    1)allow installation of unknown sources
    2)connect your pendrive to smart tv in one of the ports placed.
    3)open Google play store in Sony bravia TV and download the file commander app .
    4)after installing it open file commander and search for your pendrive .open the pendrive folder u see ur apks present .
    5)in the end click on OK of installing the app .The app is present on home screen

  4. I need help , when I press receive on the TV then it pop up window ask me grant permission? , when I press Grant now it kick me back to network section, so it mean my TV in not in receiving mode , can you help me please

  5. For those having issues: In ES filer, on android TV, try hit: NETWORK – SENDER – RECEIVE. Do this before you select the file to send in cel phone.

  6. I have sony 55 8096 and i downloaded sideload launcher…after that you can do anything you want with other eazy

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  8. I have done every thing you have showed in the video android tv and tablet is Connected with the same network i have Even tryed to created a hotspot between tablet and android tv but noting is frustrating some ideas

  9. So I need to have a android tablet or phone to do this ? Shit . Useless to me

  10. My tv will get to the select package installer screen, but then I cannot click any further than that…

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