Android Tutorial for Beginners 4 # Basic Overview of an Android App

This video will give you the overview of Structure of an Android Project. After you have introduced all the modules vital for the advancement of an Android app development, you can now start to building up Android application. From the top menu, pick File – Project, and from the “New Project window”, pick “Android Project”. Take after the task setup wizard and in the wake of completing the wizard, you will have an essential Android application. Each Android venture contains a few…


  1. error: failed to instantiate one or more classes . i have facing this error whenever i want to write something on device. help?

  2. my android studio is not showing many properties i see here. no background available? i cant change the color. someone please help me

  3. please make a video on how to download and configure all these things on Mac OS X I have seen some but others are rubbish and some of them are in Spanish

  4. my text view is in the center of screen but when i launch application on android emulator ,it appears on top left . What is wrong??

  5. In my android studio, i can't set main activity background color. There are no option for that. Can anyone tell me, what is .xml code for it ?

  6. Your accent helps me to understand what you are explaining a lot hahaha. I am not fluent in english and usually american people talk too fast and i can't understand what they say properly. This course is awesome, thank you very much 🙂
    super sir…thanks…

  7. plz help , i m placing my text in the middle but when i run the app it automatically come in the corner…what should i do now …?

  8. great tutorial I am making an Android app development series in Hindi. Check out the videos if anyone wants to learn in Hindi.

  9. i am not able to change my background color for activity. it does not show any properties if i click out rather than text view

  10. hey dude will you please re-upload your android development tutorials with the latest version of android studio?

  11. the objects such as buttons are not added automatically to manifest.xml file
    please tell me what should I do ?!

  12. i dont have much command on java programing .how 2 get rid from this problem inorder to learn android

  13. I finally understand where to start. I would recommend that you hire a person with less of an Indian accent. Even though I am Indian I have a little trouble understanding what you are trying to convey. Your explanations are incredible though.

  14. best channel on youtube..i'm a CSE student & i can't describe how much this channel helps me..thnx

  15. i dont get that phone written hello world in it . it appears when you start android studio. it is not present in my studio

  16. These vedios are really helpful. Thanks a lot…………………

  17. FORTUNATELY, double click at "android/app/res/layout/content_main.xml" allows me to drageand drop such widgets as "Large text" into the activity panel in the central area making codes of TextView generated in its file in text format; UNFORTUNATELY, such "Large text" widget cannot be seen in the activity panel like a actual smartphone. What is more, an alert that "Rendering Problems: The surrounding layout (@layout/activity_main) did not actually include this layout. Remove tools:showIn=… from the root tag" is popped out without delay. How could it be? Please help me?

  18. in this lecture when you click text than design of the text visible on right side how did you do that?

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