Android Test – Philips PUS7503 Smart TV

Intial Setup & Apps Test on Philips 55PUS7503


  1. How does it differ from his little brother, the PUS7303? Are the speakers a major difference? Is the screen any better? PUS7303 has a VA panel with very limited brightness, bad color accuracy but decent blacks. Dark scenes are way too dark though, does this one also suffer from these issues?

  2. How can i install APKs on this android tv? Will showbox, mobdro, kodi, movie box, popcorn time or terrarrium tv work on this? Do i install by downloading the APK in the browser or do i have to FTP? How do sideloaded apps update?

  3. Hey, just was looking to buy a new TV for PS4 gaming, is this good choice or bad?

  4. mettre une music de fond pendant que tu mets du son à ta tv, faut pas etre malin

  5. If only it had USB 3.0, without it you can't play 4k movies from an external HDD.

  6. I have an old Samsung ue40d6100. Any idea what gaming is like on this philips? It's hard to find out the screen lag on the 49" model, thanks

  7. Hello!! Thank you for your video. I am thinking about buying this model or 50PUS6703_12. The main difference between them is operating system. Do you have any advice for me? which operation system is better, android or smart tv saphi? Thanks!

  8. Hi, does it have built in chromecast like sony? Or at least can you stream to it from android phone.
    I was looking also at model 43pus7303, which seems to have no soundbar but direct led system instead this 49" model only edge-led, is it true?

  9. Hello, I really need your help about choosing the right TV for me. I am choosing between these Sony KD-49XE7077, Samsung 49NU7172 and LG 50UK6950PBL. The TV is going to be used for watching movies over usb, sport scenes and action movies. There is so little info about these tv's about how fast they are for fast moves in action scenes and sports. Everybody is talking about the accuracy of contrast and precision of colors especially blacks and still I can't decide which is better for me because apparently some of these are better in dark room and some are good when room is bright. I am really confused so please help. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

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