Android Tablet Google Account 2-Step Verification Complications Linus Tech Tips


  1. This is so very helpful, I was worried I couldn't do the 2 step thing on my old Xoom tablet. Done it now, thanks so much!

  2. i have a tablet pc android but i can't unlock it using my account in gmail because it's not connected to the internet also i tried too many times to do factory reset using the up-down volume botton and the power botton but the menu never show up

  3. if the device is older then 2.3 then you need to generate an application specific password i do believe.

  4. Hi I have a innovatek tablet and its asking for my Google Id and password but when I enter the Id and password it doesn't recognize it. Please help

  5. Thanks mate, you hit it on the head by saying the error is wrong, this has to be the worst thing I have seen on the google platform everything else I have seen has been very logical and easy to follow. The 2 step verification system is REALLY painful to use when you are setting things up. Your video was just the ticket to get me back on track. Once again many thanks.

  6. woah careful linus, don't have an iOS device so close to an andriod device. they might have a legal fight.

  7. Just don't lose your phone if you're using 2 step verification or you won't be able to login.

  8. It's kind of ironic to use an iOS device as part of the 2-step verification for an ANDROID device 🙂

  9. @patryric Which version of IE? If it's 6, they no longer support it. You'll need at least 8 but preferably 9. Personally I'd just use a different browser. IE is crap, all of them.

  10. I was thinking about getting an Android tablet, but it wasn't rage proof so I kept looking…………

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