Android Smart TV Box Review X96 Mini

In this video, I made a review on the X96 Mini Android Smart TV Box. The processing speed is quite impressive for a cheaper price. It runs on Android 7.1.2 and have a quad-core processor which enables you to play any video in 4K resolution without any problem. Overall rating, I could give 6 out of 10.

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  1. Hi,
    How can i connect headphones with x96 mini.
    I trying to connect wireless and wired headphone for voice calling but not connect.
    If you have any solution

  2. hi i have an old tv…can i uyse this to connect wifi to the tv to use youtube and netflix

  3. fucking sucks, commercials everytime i switch channels, box cuts out, apps dissapear. my review . o out of 10, bad investment do not purchase,

  4. Bro…android tv box ni support tak game controller guna usb? Boleh mirror screen dgn phone?

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  6. Bro gimna cara main mobile legend pake stik wireless logitech f710 dengan x96 mini…atur keymapper nya bro tolong di share

  7. Bro, apps2 dlm tu semua dh siap install ke mcm tonton netflix kodi semua tu? Lg 1, 5mb unifi ckop laju ke

  8. Hi Sir Sir Sir Android setup box I am purchasing please x 96 West ya MX Kyun Pro setup box best please recommended please please waiting

  9. Very bad tv box, because of very poor heat management design, most of functions will not work after about 2 weeks

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