ANDROID Phones Vulnerable to SMS HACK | Weak Web 08/09/2019

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  1. damn, you actually carried that weak name through to your other video! this might be the last one I watch if I keep seeing that name.

  2. It's bullshit Samsung locks our bootloader, I paid $850 for an s8 to find out only the euro version was unlocked, got tired of Samsung spyware as a paperweight and de-soldiered the emmc until I can afford a euro motherboard.

  3. Shave your head, grow it back out, repeat, repeat, until you have enough hair to cover your back wall in your long hair that everyone complains about. 4D trolling!!

  4. Get a green screen with a desk and operate it like a live news segment on tv.

  5. me before the video: oh no.
    me after video: ah, great, i'm from a country that doesn't know how to turn on the phone or search things.

  6. I would like a whole video and you should watch the anime and see if it had any influence on the way the way it was coded and attacked

  7. its been known for at least 1-2 year abt the trackers hate to sound all 1337

  8. Never even seen one of those provisioning messages. If I got one of those, I'd probably just delete it.

    Also… Mirai was named after an anime? And here I thought they were being clever… Mirai just means future in Japanese – and IoT is the future… but no. Named after an anime… :/

  9. So funny how Sony, already behind in the market, is still not giving a single fuck bout customer security.. Just shows how much they care

  10. You should hang a green screen on that wall, and then you could easily choose whatever background you want.

  11. Unused motherboard PCBs are a great art, no solder. Or for the wall you could get a large section of perfboard and attach each of the 74* and 40* ICs, and then go onto other series if you still have space. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The 1.3 tbps ddos attack was on github, which was sent from someone called HDGZero. The memchrashed DDoS exploit from github was used, but it was slightly modified. You're welcome. ~ someone in the scene

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