Android MVVM with Architectural Components : MindOrks BootCamp Lecture

This video is a clipping from the lecture at MindOrks online and live Android Bootcamp training program for professional Android developers. In this clipping the MVVM architectural component is discussed. The various components that constitute the Model, View, and ViewModel is defined for an Android application. The blueprint of the architecture is also provided.

Android Advance BootCamp Online Live Training :

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  1. Is these sessions are available in person or for YouTube? If In Personal Kindly let me know more details.

  2. Really great to see somebody making the concepts so easier to understand! Looking forward for more videos.

  3. I don't know what you are trying to tell us….please first prepare yourself then come in picture i am not demoralizing you i am jut telling whenever i feels when watching the video….😃

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