Android App Development Tutorial 1: Introduction

Creating Android apps with the help of Android Studio and genymotion was never so easy before!

Learn how you can create custom android applications for android mobile phones and tablets and do all that within Android Studio IDE and publish them on playstore.

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  1. My laptop has 1st gen i3 processor with 6gb ram. Can it run android studio without any lag?

  2. Thanks codedamn. I had followed your guides. Respect it. It was damn helpful. With it i have developed one simple app. Do review it. cheers !

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  3. hlo
    I have only c and c++ knowledge and javascript,html,css also so can i able to learn android also? without knowing java?

  4. I tried following the videos and suggestions people made. Still cannot get the Genymotion to start. In the general settings, Basic type is set to Linux, while Version is set to Ubuntu. Is this fine? When I tried starting VM I get a message that says " Unable to boot , please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. What does this mean?

  5. I downloaded Genymotion and tried started it. but got a message that says "Unable to start virtual device. Virtual device got no IP address. What is the problem?

  6. Is knowledge about javascript, node, angular is enough to get into this?
    Coz i am not into C, C++ or java.

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