6 Hidden Android Gestures You Did Not Know About

Android packs in a lot of hidden gestures and quick shortcuts that you might not know even if you are using Android for quite some time. So, In this video we’ll be showing you some really cool Android gestures that can speed up the way you use your device. We are demonstrating this video on Nexus 5X running Android Nougat 7.0 but most gestures should work fine on previous versions (Lollipop, Marshmallow) too.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Split screen multitasking gesture (Transition)
2. A cool…


  1. Your videos pretty cool as your communication..
    But i need your all in one gesture apk link can u share with me ?

  2. Oh man while im seeing half of this video im impressed for that i Like. You know what while im typing this comment i used wat i learn from this video for typing COOL😍

  3. Can you do a video showing the hidden apps gesture on the homescreen because I've used it before but I can't remember it or figure it out again

  4. It's Oreo and pie time and ur still in nougat a version behind but good video greatly explained

  5. Typing me to aa hi nhi rha…. Extreme corner wala …..& Also symbols with letter. wala….

  6. Hi Bro I want to install root access in my phone marshmallow please help me

  7. U forgot the very well known (maybe) oneplus phones which have in built gestures like dubble tap switches on the screen , if draw a v when screen is off it toggles torch etc. 😤😤

  8. Hey guys you people are doing the great job but one thing I wanna mention that is nothing but from next time if your telling about some app or something you just mention that app link in your particular Video description, that may can helps the user better than what tou think thank you and all the best .

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