5 Incredible Open world Survival games For Android and iOS 2017!

5 Awesome survival games for Android and iOS 2017! Massive Open World Games for android and iPhone Devices! 2017!

When we play a video game on any platform, we are actually interacting with a virtual world. Take some of the popular games like Subway Surfer and Unkilled, for example. In the former, you are given a track to run and you don’t have a choice to stop or go back a few steps. In shooting games like Unkilled, you are given a closed environment which you can explore and kill the…


  1. Omg you almost gave me a heart attack on the intro game. I was so excited what game is the best

  2. These are all shit you clickbait low lifer , showing horizon zero gameplay at first so ppl think its true

  3. I like how you narrate I stead of just showing gameplay

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