20 Min Shoulder Stretching & Strengthening for Pain Relief – Shoulder Pain Exercises Stretches

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  2. Sir/maam good day, Can my shoulder go back in shape if i have experienced dislocating it for 5 times. I want to go back working out but i am afraid to dislocate it again.

  3. because of this routine, I'm able to do push-ups now. i used to get frustrated if there's push-ups routine in your wo.. because my shoulder hurts so bad and i couldn't even do one properly. now i'm 88% healed and stronger 💪 thank you coach kozak and claudia 😊

  4. Wonderful! I woke up with shoulder pain this morning. I followed your video, (as best I could) and now I have no shoulder pain. This will be my routine every morning, thank you.

  5. Thank you ! I have an 8 mm incomplete tear in my supraspinatus near its insertion ! This really helps! So glad i found you!

  6. Thnx! Starting again. Shoulder and neck constriction to point of hard spasms. Thanks again, I need to replace my bands and start using again as well.

  7. Changing the setting to slow can raise the difficulty and impact of this as you get stronger. Don't give up on recovery!

  8. man great work-out. Always have shoulder issues. The Angel was right were it hurts. Really helping. You guys are the best. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Hey I love this shoulders exercise routine look simple but not really n I will do it n try to do it 2x or 3x a day coz I have a tired right shoulder n feel tight n some pain, I play 3 days a wk tennis n some wks 4 days like this wk this morning was my 3rd day I sub for friends n only doubles n I play tomorrow women’s leagues so this routine I can do with n require an honest motivation on my part, wish I can attend ur class I use to do yoga n palates but after tennis I’m so tired n I have a day for rest n don’t want to anywhere on my rest days n just stay home I’m in late 60s so thanks for the good demos n remind me I need to get back to yoga n palates thx guys👍 great job

  10. This feels so wonderful ! I did it again this morning! Thank you so much Coach Kozak and Claudia!

  11. Thanks for this precious workout which me give relief from my shoulder pain and weakness stay happy and healthy long life and will achieve what ever beneficial for you😍👍

  12. Hello from Finland 🙂 I just found this video and did the workout. These are easy and good exercises for my shoulder problems. Thank U!

  13. I just loved it. My shoulder was paining a lot and when i started following ur steps my upper posture was shaking a lot . And i think it will help me

  14. Something I'll definitely need!
    I hurt my shoulders a little while back doing burpees and now it makes it difficult and painful to do any other activities I like. Just did this workout right before this message btw lol and feel very good


  15. these two are THE VERY BEST in fitness … YOU have enhanced my health and exercise routines …I ALWAYS feel fab after …

  16. Are your ribs suppose to flair up when reaching over head?

  17. My left shoulder started to crack when i exercised one month ago, i havent gone to the gym since then and today i started your program to see if it will help, feels great at the end i hope i can work my muscles good enough for proper posture and use, and to get rid of the crack or pop in the shoulder

  18. Thanks for helping me reduce my shoulder pain and increase movement

  19. my left shoulder is already in pain, especially trying the first movement. Should will these routines really provide relief or make things worse?

  20. I have been dealing with shoulder pain mostly around my shoulder blades. Been to so many doctors and spent alot of money trying to fix this problem. First time doing exercise for my shoulders and this video really helped me! the video finished 5 minutes ago and I am able to type soo much better. Please can you do more videos for shoulders? You guys are great and so easy to keep up with. What should I avoid doing? Like for example, if I sit on the sofa, slightly on my left shoulder, it will start to ache and the same goes for my right shoulder.

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