12 Tips to Improve Your Cell Phone Battery Life – iPhone or Android

Tired of your smart phone battery dying everyday? Here are 12 tips that will help you improve your smart phone battery life immediately.

We’re a smartphone society now — people do everything on their phones, from checking e-mail and Facebook posts to watching Youtube videos and surfing the Web. All that comes at a price, though and can lead to draining your smart phone battery life.

While the new updates from Android and iOS has helped improve…


  1. I haven't heard anyone talk about having a brighter (white) screen draining more battery life… things like keyboard wallpaper and such… let me know if you know anything because it seems so obvious so I always assumed it did but it could also be meaningless.

  2. I was wondering if having your phone settings like wallpaper/keyboard and such on a more prominently white setting would drain your battery's life quicker… I always assumed it did since it shines brighter… what do you think?

  3. wtf I just realized that I have a portable charger and idek were the heck I last seen it

  4. Also charge your phone, unplug and plug to charge your phone too much will broke your battery making it run out faster or explode, so be careful.

  5. Is it ok to charge a cell phone battery even though it did not fully discharged? Do i need to wait until it says 0% battery life ?

  6. Thanks for the tips it really interesting! a pro guy introduce me an android app it called ace charge! ace charge basically disconnects the power on full charge or any percentage of battery that you want to charge be stop! and told me as a result it would help me to keep my battery healthy.

  7. I always get a warning about tune in radio consuming a lot of battery what do you recommend? I think watching clips drains a lot more but no warning about that. I'm using android

  8. Can anyone tell me why this problems happens to me?When my phone is off, the charger still goes e.g. first my battery percentage is say 59% then when I turn it off,after a while I turn it back on and the charger goes down to like 9% even though I'm not using my phone why's that???? please help me.

  9. Can someone help me? :
    My Kyocera phone always decreases in battery whenever I like hit the off button. Not fully off where you have to turn it fully on gain, but like you can hit a button once and it pops up immediately. But whenever I go to bed, it has full battery, I look at the battery and its at like 30 percent. Please help!?!??!

  10. Thank you for this video. This is very useful information since I do own a smart phone. Now there is one thing that still troubles me. Lately, every time I take my phone off the charger, within minutes the battery power is draining. And for the life of me, I am wondering what could be the problem? Especially since I am not on the phone very much? Whatever information you have on this will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  11. #Dean Ethridge, Hey, how many hour do i have to charge the tablet's battery for the first time (newly purchsed)…?? I find this annoying battery problem on every android tablets i use. It work fine for few weeks or days and after that battery will drains out with a gameplay or internet browsing of few minutes, i'm sick of this problems. Can you tell me how many hour should i charge the newly purchase tablet battery?

  12. I have a charger that connects from my car's cigarette lighter to my phone. When I use GPS just how long will the battery last as the phone gives me turn by turn directions? 

  13. Dean, thank you for this nice video! I posted it on face book under the community smartphone battery life tips
    Keep posting!! Thanks!

  14. Hello

    I want to know which is better for more battery lifetime :

    1-Wait until battery dischagres completely , then charge it.

    2- Charge battery  many times a day , even if the battery don't discharge completely.

  15. the fast and easy way to save battery is when not in use put it in airplane mode simple

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