10 Most Addictive Android Games (2016)

Joe once again picks 10 super addictive Android games. Download links:


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  1. This is a really addictive game “fetching mimu only” (Google it). Fun, interestingly difficult, I truly love playing it. It`s a fun and challenging game. Playing this kind of mobile game is a great way to spend your couple of minutes of leisure time every day.

  2. (I truly find this game, “fetching mimu only” (Google it) incredible. After downloading this game, I introduced it to my pal and had fun with her. Right after she got the hang of it, she wouldn`t put the game down! You should try this game as well mainly because it`s really engaging for me personally!

  3. This is a very addicting video game “fetching mimu only” (Google it). I find it very difficult but it gave me so much excitement and enjoyment. It`s a fun and tough game. Playing this type of mobile game is a great means to spend your couple of minutes of leisure time every single day.

  4. This game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) brings a lot of fun. I simply love this mobile game i play it always, it is fun and great way to kill time. I also informed my mother about this game and she liked playing it. She even recommended pals.

  5. This game is super enjoyable, “fetching mimu only” (Google it)! You must play this fun and incredible game with your buddy. Me and my son really love to play this video game. I feel like I am a young lad again. As somebody who never tries to go for 100% in a game I`m seeking to 100% this one.

  6. I played this video game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) frequently since I have saved it. Good game. simple to play, like it. This game is amazing! I have it on my phone and my tablet. So fun and not as easy as you might think. It demands rational thinking, and rapid reaction. There are a number of levels to play and have fun.

  7. I played this video game “www JustBonlo” (Google it) frequently ever since I have downloaded it. Good game. simple to play, love it. This game is wonderful! I have it on my mobile phone and my tablet. So entertaining and not as easy as you may think. It requires logical thinking, and fast reaction. There are a number of levels to play and have a great time.

  8. This game “www JustBonlo” (Google it) is so addicting that I didn`t stop playing it also if I lost continuously and my eyes are already sore. I even dreamt concerning this game in my sleep. It is a good game for thinking and perceptual skills.

  9. My little girl was searching for a different unique game. I downloaded this excellent game “www JustBonlo” (Google it) for her and she is thrilled with it. I also very much enjoy this game. This was my first time playing this type of addicted games and I really like it.

  10. I have this particular addicted game on my mobile phone “www JustBonlo” (Google it) and it was fun on my mobile phone. This is a game for all ages, my mom and kid (64 & seven) both like this game and find it simple to play. Good family game. This game offers lively colors and rapid action.

  11. color switch, ninja arashi, train conductor, monster dash, gentleman ninja , real football– here are more addictive stuffs. color switch is really good check that out

  12. Why not put a lot more clicker games on the video I mean clickers are so addictive

  13. nice video, check my game its "kyoode invasion" available on google play and amazon app store.

  14. all these crappy so called fast play games are lame. they are like the tiger hand held games compared to a ps Vita lol

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