10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of March 2016

There’s tons of great games on iOS and Android this month. We sifted through March’s best mobile games to bring you our recommendations.
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10 Dirac
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $1.99

9 Dream Machine : The Game
Platform: iOS Android
Price: …


  1. if anyone plays these games on a 1gb ram they will lag(all iphones), but if u get a 2gb ram wiley fox swift phone for Β£130 u can play these games well instead of using a shit, slow Β£700 iphone 6, what a waste of money

  2. Omg. All these games are retarted as fuck, all the graphics are shit. And gameplay looks horrible.

  3. Bruh, that's basically Corpse Party…kind of….I think…

  4. White day looks like yandere sim!πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ

  5. Does anybody else not like the guy in this vid, he just pisses me off.

  6. If you enjoy the old school feel you might want to look at Knightly Tales. Kind of a shameless plug since I'm on the team building it but it has a feel you might like if you enjoyed the SNES era. Kickstarter for it is soon and we plan on putting at least a few backers into the game as npcs.

  7. Great ftp game on Android and iOS is RPG Toram Online. Fun af MMO and the art style is pretty well done 3D anime. Try it

  8. ARC Squadron is an amazing game with amazing graphics, it's fun, full of great scenery and action packed

  9. The audio in your videos are too low, why not let us controlled the volume. Before you guys go at it, nothing is wrong with my TV, nothing is wrong with my hearing, and sometimes I prefer not to use headphones

  10. Retro City Rampage DX, Dream Machine (While waiting for MV2) and White Day are the only ones worth the money, the rest deserves a spot under the carpet with the dust.

  11. Ah White Day. I saw a playthrough of that a few years ago. It's a really interesting game. Glad to see it getting some love.

  12. brave frontier is the shit really huge game and me and my buddies have been playing it non stop, we do raids together and it feels like it has never ending progression have about 70 hours in it and i still play it every single day XD

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