10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games Of April 2017

Another month of new mobile games worth trying and possibly paying for. We’ve got you covered on iOS and Android!
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Pengy Has a Dream
Platform: iOS

Quantum Revenge
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $0.99

Platform: iOS, Android


  1. These are the best -.-? Why am I not surprised all mobile games are clones or awful looking indie tittles.. as powerful as mobile phones are this is the best we get they can emulate ps1, n64 and near vita but we get these. Smh honestly people still download these even though it's reskins of tower defence, candy crush, murky nes rips, and on rail shooters..

  2. im a pc ps4 xboxone and mobile gamer i love them all and they are all comftorble in my hands

  3. at the start the dude is not even touching the phone…lil bitch

  4. I am sad to see that Death Road to Canada is not on this list. It is an extremely well made game with lots of replay value.

  5. Lumino City is one of the best games i've played on any platform in 30 years. It is ridiculously well crafted and clever.

  6. i feel like this is a list of the WORST android games in april 2017 except guardians of the galaxy

  7. is the mobile version of the guardians of the galaxy ttg the same as the pc version?

  8. Guys you can just download the APK's for any of these games free just Google it on your phone using Chrome.

  9. legit just got this notification right when I walk in the movie theaters for Guardians of Galaxy 2

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