10 AMAZING Android Apps That Will BLOW YOUR MIND! – March 2019!

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Download the apps here:

1. Black Art Wallpapers:
2. Moasure:
3. Hero In Adventures:
4. Spotify:
5. Flatcons Black:…


  1. Bro come up with new video. Cz its too long u haven't made a vdo. Please make a video on mute notifications while gaming

  2. You kinda give off a Mrwhosetheboss vibe. Keep it up man.

  3. Tyvm finally a viodeo about apps where I finally found something actually new and useful <3

  4. Could you tell me please how to get like same as your wallpaper and icon style? How did you get date and week name?
    Thank you

  5. What's that widget, which u have in the beginning of the video, which says 'Thursday'

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